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Note that I do not maintain any public facing code repositories. Select projects are hosted on private repositories. Inquire for additional information.


Trick or Treat!
A twist on the classical "House Robber" Dynamic Programming puzzle by introducing input encryption. Designed for Florida State University's Fall 2017 ACM sponsored programming contest.


A JAVA implementation of the classic Pente board game. Also allows the game board to be changed and has a highscore system.

Dynamic Programming

Needleman & Hirschberg DNA Sequence Alignment
A C++ implementation of the Needleman and Hirschberg dynamic programming algorithms for optimal global sequence alignments in proteins / RNA strands.


OFDM Signal Packet Header Decoder
A Python implementation of a OFDM WiFi signal receiver designed to infer the packet length from a raw SDR signal capture.

Undirected Graph Program

Undirected Graph Generator & Dijkistra's Algorithm
A C implementation of an undirected, connected graph with a shortest (minimal cost) path solver. Written for an ACM programming contest in Spring 2017.

JIT Compiler
[Upcoming] A JIT compiler for a small language which makes use of the Intel x86 assembly language.

GameMaker Online Engine
A quickstart for online programming in the GameMaker engine with a C++ single threaded server.

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